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核爆.  The AGN activity may be optically obscured for a time, until feedback due to either supernova winds or the AGN accretion blow out much of the surrounding gas in an 外流.  At this point the accreting black hole is exposed as an observable optical 类星体


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  1. We use optical spectra that are 空间分布 across the galaxies from the WIYN 和  
  • We use high resolution near infrared images from the whirc camera on WIYN to determine from 空间分布 galaxy colors whether large amounts of dust could be obscuring ongoing star formation or AGN activity in the galaxies.  
  • We use radio fluxes observed over a range of frequencies with the VLA 和 GMRT radio interferometers to estimate how long the radio emission from the AGN has been active.  Does the timing of the AGN match that of the starburst or not?

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